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5778 Holiday Schedule


Sep 20 Wed 6pm at SYMF Yom T’ru’ah (trad. Rosh haShanah) Rosh Khodesh Tishrei
Sep 21 Thu 11am at SYMF Yom T’ru’ah Day, no work
Sep 24 Sun 11am at Snow Creek Park Tashlikh
Sep 29 Fri 6pm at SYMF Yom Kipur Eve
Sep 30 Shab 11am at SYMF Yom Kipur Day, no work at all
Sep 30 Sat 5pm at SYMF Ne’ilah (final call)
Oct 4 Wed 6pm at SYMF Sukot Eve
Oct 5 Thu 11am at SYMF Sukot Day, no regular work
Oct 11 Wed 6pm at SYMF Hoshana Rabah
Oct 12 Thur 11am at SYMF Sh’meini Atzeret, no regular work
Oct 14 Shab 11am at SYMF Simkhat Torah!
Oct 20 Fri Eve Rosh Khodesh Kheshvan
Nov 18 Sat Eve Rosh Khodesh Kislev
Dec 12 Tue 6pm Khanukah Begins at Home
Dec 16 Sat 6pm at SYMF Community Chanukah! (fifth night)
Dec 18 Mon Eve Rosh Khodesh Tevet


Simchat Yeshua Messianic Fellowship
Shabat (Saturday) 11am






All services are to be held in room 10 at

West Covina Christian Church,
1100 E Cameron Ave, West Covina, CA 91790


Continually pray for the peace of Jerusalem!
 God bless and shalom 


For comments, questions, or concerns, you may reach us at:
P.O. Box 2313 West Covina CA 91793-2313
(626) 290-0234